My CWRU coffee crisis

Enya Eettickal, Staff Writer

As someone who considers herself a coffee enthusiast and obnoxious reviewer, the coffee options on and immediately near campus have been my biggest gripe over the years. But this year’s coffee circumstances have been brutal, especially from the beginning of this semester to about last week. Having both the Dunkin’ and Euclid Starbucks closed due to relocation and renovation, respectively, was absolutely devastating news for me. Regularly, I’ve had to get coffee from other out-of-the-way stops or smaller providers. And while it’s helpful, it’s still been a struggle. So for this article, I’ve decided to provide my complaints and praises for every coffee shop I can think of on campus. Although, please note that while there are more coffee-providing places on campus, I’m mentioning the more popular ones. 

The first coffee shop that comes to mind is Dunkin’. Last year, my biggest complaint about Dunkin’ was the line that constantly extended out the door, and that the amount of time it took to get food was absurd. With the recent move and downsize to Tinkham Veale University Center, those concerns have increased twofold. Dunkin’ hasn’t been open too frequently, but when it is, the crowd leaves the middle of Tink pretty tight in space. Students are questioning this downsizing decision, including a friend of mine who publicly posted his concerns on Instagram. While I too thought the decision was questionable, I figured I was just being overly critical, but now I know I was right. However, on the bright side, the staff at Dunkin’ are quite friendly—they gave me a free donut once when I didn’t know they weren’t accepting credit cards yet. Also, the quality of Dunkin’ outweighs that of Cool Beanz, its predecessor at Tink. 

Next on the list is the Starbucks in the North Residential Village. During my first year, it was my favorite place to get work done. My only complaint from the past was that occasionally, my orders were slightly incorrect, but never majorly different. However, this year, I was sad to learn that one of my favorite writing spots is no longer open until midnight. Grabbing a coffee before pulling an all-nighter was a frequent occurrence in my past. But now I can no longer get my Starbucks fix after 11 p.m. 

The Coffee House at University Circle is another classic coffee shop, especially for first years. It has a wonderful workspace, with a variety of drink and snack options. The only thing that continues to perplex me is why The Coffee House doesn’t accept CaseCash. As a senior who recently found out I have remaining CaseCash from three years ago, I’m eager to find ways to spend it, yet The Coffee House does not afford me that opportunity, despite being right across from the first-year residence halls. 

Next is Blue Sky Brews, the coffee shop closest to the South Residential Village. Blue Sky has a beautiful appearance and a wonderful ambiance for doing work. While the coffee isn’t mind-blowingly fantastic, the space’s energy is comfortable. I recommend this coffee shop if you’re looking for a coffee shop on Southside or when you need to get some serious work done.

Last but not least, we have the Euclid Starbucks. When I saw it shut down in the beginning of the semester, I was terrified. Now reopen after some tasteful renovations, there is now a severe lack of seating, which is the major drawback. I did write the initial parts of this article in that same Starbucks, and though I could find seating, it’s more difficult to do so now. 

So, that’s my basic rundown of the coffee shops on campus. The long and short of it is I’m pretentious about coffee, but also, our campus community has options—you just have to find what works for you, despite the occasional pains.