Netflix horror movies for a spooky start to October

Mariah Stickler, Staff Reporter

With the start of October comes the start of the month-long build-up to everyone’s favorite candy-filled holiday, Halloween. To kick off the season right, here are some horror movies that are sure to get you into the properly spooky mood. You won’t have to worry about money, all are available on Netflix or on the often untapped goldmine Kanopy, which is available for free to Case Western Reserve University students.

“Donnie Darko” (Netflix and Kanopy)

This cult classic movie focuses on Donnie Darko, a teenage boy with schizophrenia, as he goes through life taking instructions from a six-foot-tall bunny named Kevin. Worry not, Kevin saves Darko from a freak airplane engine that crashes into his house, so he’s probably got good intentions. The movie will leave you scratching your head and looking for plot holes while fondly remembering your Hot Topic days.

“The VVitch” (Netflix)

Hate jumpscares? Love slow tension that builds to a breaking point and intricate storytelling? Then “The VVitch” is the movie for you. An exiled Puritan family learns that the enemies outside their walls are nothing compared to the ones within.  

“What We Do in the Shadows” (Kanopy)

Looking for something that won’t have you checking down your hallway for shadowy figures? “What We Do in the Shadows” is a light-hearted look into the everyday lives of vampires. Living for centuries is not easy, but it sure is hilarious.

“The Shining” (Netflix)

“The Shining” is a classic sure to have you quivering under your covers. Moving out to an empty ski resort seems like an excellent way to focus on your novel, but is being alone with malicious spirits all it’s cracked up to be? Not when master-of-horror Stephen King is pulling the strings. Follow a family of three as they attempt to survive the world’s worst family vacation.

“The Babadook” (Netflix)

“The Babadook,” with its slow build up of tension that culminates in a horrifying climax, is definitely a must-watch, even if it is just to understand all the “coming out of the closet” jokes that have been circulating since Netflix accidently sorted it into the LGBT section. Follow an overworked single mother as she tries to raise her difficult son and fight the monster in the closet.

“Troll 2” (Netflix Ireland and Great Britain)

With a little VPN finagling, you too can watch what’s been affectionately called the “worst movie to ever exist.” Watch in horror as the world’s dumbest parents miss all the warning signs that something is amiss even as humans are turned into plants to be consumed by trolls.