Netflix show explores stalking, relationships


YOU’s Launch Poster

Yvonne Pan, A&E Editor

It’s been four months since the last episode of “You” premiered on Netflix, and I finally finished it. Although I’m a little behind, and thus had multiple friends spoil the ending, I thoroughly enjoyed the show and would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t watched it yet.

“You” stars a graduate student, Guinevere Beck who catches the eye of Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager. Beck is pretty in the Instagram sort of way, as evidenced by how her entire life is broadcast on social media. Despite going to graduate school and wanting to be a writer, Beck spends most of her time avoiding writing by flirting with her advisor and pretending her dad is dead.

Goldberg becomes obsessed with Beck, taking her phone and stalking her at every opportunity. He even murders her boyfriend, Benji and her best friend, Peach in order to have her to himself.

Goldberg’s ex-girlfriend, Candace haunts him, showing up in various moments of the show, as a sort of omen. There are flashbacks of their relationship, and we discover his obsession of Beck is not unique.

“You” brings to the table many different life lessons like “be careful what you post on the Internet” and “people are not always who they seem to be,” but perhaps most importantly, “love is bizarre.”

Throughout the course of the show, Goldberg is seen to be in a relationship with three very different women, Beck, Candace and Karen Minty, his neighbor Claudia’s sister. Beck, the current object of his obsession is excessively ordinary. She has no thoughts of her own, playing the role of Peach’s “pet” in most social situations and flinging herself at men like Benji, a privileged man who sees her more as a sexual object.

Candace, on the other hand, has a sultry nature and is very assertive, but is not above sleeping with a record executive. Her poor character and immoral behavior destroy Goldberg, and she abandons him, supposedly moving to Italy.

Minty, a brief fling after Beck and Goldberg initially break up, is the most “girlfriend material” of the three. She clearly cares about Goldberg and helps him through his breakup with Beck and takes care of Claudia through her addiction. Despite her inherent kindness, Goldberg spends the bulk of his relationship with Minty stalking Beck, even panicking when she deletes her social media accounts briefly to focus on writing.


Although Minty had been interested in Goldberg since the beginning of the show, she is not blinded by love. She is unfazed when Goldberg breaks up with her and even warns Beck, albeit in a jealous ex-kind of way.

The same cannot be said for the other characters of the show. The most obvious, Goldberg, begins stalking Beck after only their first meeting. He ignores her red flags, like her pretending her dad is dead, her fake personality with her friends, and her inability to write, seeing her as a fascinating puzzle or an exciting conquest, rather than someone who is lost in life.


Furthermore, Beck spends the first few episodes infatuated with Benji, a guy who spends most of his time talking about his homemade soda brand but cannot even differentiate its taste from store brands.

If you feel like your love life is stagnating, don’t worry. Love may be lurking around the corner, literally.