New alumni center opens to host student events


Ishita Gupta

The Foster-Castele Great Hall, an addition to the Linsalata Alumni Center, will accept reservations from student organizations wanting to host events there.

Celia Wan, News editor

The Foster-Castele Great Hall, an addition to the Linsalata Alumni Center, will soon be open not only to alumni but to all student organizations on campus. The hall only recently completed construction over winter break and is able to host up to 280 people. Intended to serve as a large gathering place for school events and lectures, it is expected to accept room reservations from students in a few weeks.

Brian Ward, president of the Undergraduate Student Government, has been in contact with the Alumni Center to reach a contract for the new center to be accessible to all student groups without charge.  

The Alumni House will offer student-organized events a discount rate for renting rooms. The new Alumni Center does not require the event host to purchase catering from Bon Appétit.

Ward thought this new contract not only provides more options for student organizations, but also demonstrates good will from the university to work with students. He was grateful that the center is trying to “to welcome students and to make it a great space to start building that relationship with students.”

“The culture is there so that when students eat the food, they can really taste the actual culture,” said Tobili Hatcher, a member of the Korean Student Association.

The Foster-Castele Great Hall will be officially open this Friday, Feb. 17, for a dinner attended by the board of trustees.