New fitness center coming to Uptown

This summer, 121 Fitness’ Uptown Cycle will take on a new location in Uptown. The larger space, which was formerly occupied by Cleveland Yoga, will allow the fitness center to incorporate features including locker rooms and more equipment, both of which its previous location on Euclid Avenue, next to Mitchell’s Ice Cream, lacked.

To ensure this new facility addresses the health and wellness needs of Case Western Reserve University students, 121 Fitness hosted forums on Wednesday, April 18 and Thursday, April 19 at the Wyant Athletic and Wellness Center.

The first session went unattended, while only a limited number of students attended the second. Many students, however, reached out to University Fitness Centers via email to offer feedback and suggestions on certain aspects of the new facility.

According to Senior Director of University Fitness Centers Bryn Mota, several students expressed interest in specific types of classes, among them hot yoga, kickboxing and barre. One student proposed implementing fitness challenges, and another suggested that 121 Fitness hosts themed events and classes at the new location.

Mota explained that 121 Fitness’ new location and larger facility will allow University Fitness Centers to serve a greater portion of the community. Currently, 121’s Uptown Cycle only offers cycling classes, and the new facility will expand its fitness class offerings.

“We want to find activities for every person to enjoy,” said Mota. “Our main goals are to engage our community members in many different ways and create a super strong family among all our clients.”

She added, “We haven’t had any negative feedback or suggestions that we aren’t able to consider so far.”

The new location will accommodate lockers, showers and space for 121 Fitness to implement various fitness, health and wellness programs and services. Some of the classes offered will involve high intensity interval training, yoga and Reiki, in addition to its current cycling classes. Massages, personal training and spa services will also be available.

When the new location is ready for use, CWRU students can choose between membership of the 121 Fitness Center, Uptown Studio or both. They will also have access to discounted pricing for select classes at the Uptown location.

Pricing will be categorized as packages, drop-ins or monthly unlimited classes. According to Mota, the lowest rate comes with the unlimited classes option.

The fitness center remains unnamed, but 121 Fitness recently held a naming contest. Mota said, however, that suggestions are still welcome, and the person who suggests the name University Fitness Centers ultimately chooses will receive three month access to both 121 Fitness and its new Uptown studio.

Mota stated that as a department of the University, 121 Fitness supports the CWRU community.

“We are here to serve the community and welcome ideas on how we can best meet its needs,” Mota said. “We want to co-create this space with the community.”