New pita bar opens in Uptown

Wrapz restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine

Ellie Rambo, Staff Reporter

As students returned to campus, Wrapz Pita Bar opened its Uptown location to welcome them. The restaurant serves Mediterranean food with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and fast service.
David Jaber, the managing partner of Wrapz, said that preparing the restaurant for its opening was a complicated process, but that it was now ready to meet the lunch rush.

Before a restaurant can open, everything from health inspections to recipe planning must be organized, and Jaber admitted that the process was still not complete. “There are always going to be obstacles,” he said. “When you manage a restaurant the work is never ending.”

The work put into preparing Wrapz seems to be paying off, as Wrapz is getting many repeat customers. “Being consistent is very important to us,” said Jaber. “We want a customer to get the same flavor every time they order our food.”

Ingredient quality is also very important to Jaber, who uses organic chicken and natural beef in the restaurants’ sandwiches.

“There’s no filler in our gyro sandwiches, and we marinate our rotisserie chicken for 24 hours,” said Jaber. Many of the menu items are customizable, as the customer chooses ingredients while the sandwich is made. “We believe in playing with your food.”

The restaurant serves salads and vegetarian platters in addition to pita sandwiches and Poutine, a Canadian dish made with french fries, cheese curds and gravy.