Week one for a New Residential Hall resident in the Marriott

Captain’s log is a regular feature detailing students’ journeys through CWRU’s temporary housing as they await their rooms in the New Residence Hall.

When my suitemates and I found out we would be living in a hotel for almost a whole month, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. I can’t say we were thrilled, but we tried to begin the experience with positive outlooks.

One of the first things we found out is that Housing split up suites by some sort of randomized method. Half of our suite is staying almost 20 minutes away at a different hotel, and my other suitemate and I are rooming together at the Courtyard at Marriott.

As far as the hotel life goes—and I can only obviously speak for the Courtyard—things have been running surprisingly smoothly. The staff is helpful and friendly, the room is fresh and spotless and Courtyard Management really gives Case Housing a run for their money.

Let me elaborate: Our hotel room suffered from a minor fly infestation. Two minutes after we spoke to hotel management, someone had already arrived at our room prepared to resolve the problem and offer us complimentary breakfast as compensation. The next day, our room was fly-free.

On the other hand, last year, half of my suite didn’t have air conditioning or heating. My affected suitemates put in multiple maintenance requests throughout the entire school year, and their problem was never resolved. Although they didn’t particularly mind living without AC, Cleveland winters without heating make for a rough way of life.

Besides the service, my roommate and I are also enjoying the central campus location. We felt lucky to not have been assigned to one of the hotels far from campus.

That’s not to say we aren’t missing a few things, though. Other than the other half of our suite, my roommate and I also found ourselves missing a microwave and a mini-fridge larger than a gallon of milk. Seeing as these amenities are found in almost all hotels, I was surprised our hotel didn’t include them. Nevertheless, I think these missing items are the only real complaint I can make against the Courtyard.

The only other issue with living in a hotel for a month is the isolation we feel once we step foot inside the hotel. It feels a little lonely and disconnected from campus life. I miss seeing flyers littering tackboards and clubs taking over common rooms. But knowing your friends are just a few minutes away makes a difference. The biggest thing the hotel lacks is that it doesn’t feel like home.

I guess we’re not really living the suite life.