New resources introduced for students to find off-campus housing

Nikki Vallot, off-campus housing coordinator, is here to help


Courtesy of Roger Mastroianni/CWRU

In an effort to support students who are looking to live off campus, CWRU has created the position of Off Campus Housing Coordinator to help alleviate some of the stress of looking for an apartment.

Cameron Ward, Staff Writer

Students living both on and off campus at Case Western Reserve University have seen recent shifts around housing policies as President Kaler’s plan to expand the campus population continues. New construction projects are attempting to fill the shortfall in available housing, but they can’t be finished overnight. The location of the campus poses its own challenges because it is surrounded by historic buildings, various communities and neighborhoods that students may not want to live in. Students are left asking themselves: “Where are we supposed to live?” 

In an effort to incentivize students to move off campus and free up more space in residence halls, CWRU has created the position of Off Campus Housing Coordinator to the Office of University Housing as a point of contact for students. Nikki Vallot, who has taken on this role, is here to answer any questions students may have about finding safe, affordable and comfortable accommodations as they transition from University Housing into the Cleveland area.

Vallot started this position in December 2022 to help meet the student body’s need for off-campus resources. She has previous experience in property management and is in the process of becoming a licensed real estate agent in Ohio. When she was a student herself, she was very engaged in residence life, serving as a resident assistant, the vice president of National Residence Hall Honorary, a student chairperson for student conduct hearings and a graduate residence director. 

Vallot hopes students will contact her for resources, experience and general help. Her expertise and role within the university will hopefully come in handy for current and future students planning to move out of University Housing in the coming years.

Vallot suggests that students moving off campus act soon so as to not be left without an apartment. She also reminds students to thoroughly check any agreements before signing them, as these are legal binding documents. Understanding your new lease is important to finding a home that suits your needs. Vallot also reiterated the importance of affordability when choosing a new place to live. In addition to contacting her for information and resources, students can consult the CWRU Housing website.

If students would like to schedule a meeting with Vallot, they can do that on the university’s housing website or send her email at Students in need should reach out as soon as possible, so she can help guarantee that all successfully find the next place they call home. For more resources, check out