New safety apps consolidate features of Safe Ride and Rave Guardian


Courtesy of @usgcwru

The apps previously used for safety on CWRU’s campus (Rave Guardian, CWRU Safe Ride, and TransLoc) have been transformed into Spartan Ride and Spartan Safe

Sarah Karkoff, Contributing Writer

Beginning this semester, Case Western Reserve University will attempt to bolster student safety through new apps that replace Safe Ride and Rave Guardian. As of Aug. 1, Spartan Safe and Spartan Ride are available to download for free through the App Store or Google Play. 

“Whether we’re communicating emergency information or helping the CWRU community get around campus quickly, we want to be able to offer the best tools to keep campus safe,” said Megan Koeth, Executive Director of Public Safety at CWRU, on the platform switch. “Spartan Safe and Spartan Ride will help us do that.” 

Upon downloading Spartan Safe, students will be prompted to register with a CWRU email address and provide some personal data, such as contact information and emergency contacts, that will allow the CWRU Police Department to have adequate information to help in a timely manner. However, it is completely optional to store personal information on the app and any private data will be stored securely. 

One of the new features includes anonymous tip reporting through Spartan Safe. Anonymous tips can be reported through calls or by an online form, which will then be transported to the proper departments that are equipped to deal with the reported issue. 

Additionally, Spartan Safe has implemented safety features that allow students to show friends their current location, dubbed “Friend Walk.” Friend Walk gives students the opportunity to not only send their location to friends through SMS or email, but to also have friends follow along as they walk to their destination. An emergency button can be activated by either the user or friend if something occurs. Students can also share their location to dispatchers in the event of an emergency. 

Other important components of the Spartan Safe app include campus information on safety, wellness and mental health resources, as well as updates from the CWRU Twitter account, emergency plans in the event of extreme weather or evacuations and push notifications for emergencies. Push notifications ensure that those with the app receive critical information immediately, regardless of whether the user has cellular service.

Spartan Ride, which is purported to integrate campus Safe Ride services and shuttle route schedules, allows riders to more conveniently identify the best routes to their destination. By combining these two services, students can easily access Safe Ride or utilize nearby shuttle routes to create a more efficient transportation system. Spartan Ride aims to create a more reliable experience for users as a result. 

For users that don’t have reliable transportation to get groceries, Spartan Ride has implemented a dedicated grocery route to Dave’s Market. From 6-9 p.m., the app will have an established daily loop to and from Dave’s Market, allowing for shorter wait times and easier accessibility for those who require these services. 

Through the advent of these new apps, CWRU hopes to create a safer campus and community experience for students. For those who were discontented with Safe Ride and previous campus security resources, these new apps may be the solution.