New tunes with Newshoes


courtesy newshoes

Local rock band Newshoes will be headlinig a show at The Foundry tonight.

Anne Nickoloff, Music Reporter

Tonight, local rock band Newshoes will be headlining at the Foundry at 8:00 p.m.

Although Newshoes is a “rock band,” it cannot be adequately defined by just one genre. Band member Matt Deulley’s instrumental diversity represents the band’s variety itself; he plays guitar, keyboard, some percussion, horns, and strings.

“Musically, we draw from many different influences, but I’d have to say that overall we play some good ol’ rock and roll,” said Deulley. “We try our best to instill dynamics in our songs. So, if you stick around for the whole show, you can expect to hear bluesy solos, rhythms you can dance to and passionate vocals that you’ll be singing on your drive home.”

Budding music groups Captain Kidd, Runaway Brother, and OceanSpeak will also be performing at the show.

Captain Kidd, an alternative band, combines smooth vocals with fun melodies to create beachy music reminiscent of Rooney and The Strokes. Runaway Brother is a little bit heavier in terms of melody, but still fun and popping.

OceanSpeak has had a connection with headlining Newshoes since their beginning. Newshoes Bassist, Anton Sidari, shows nothing but admiration for OceanSpeak. “OceanSpeak kills it! They are one of the most entertaining bands to watch play live. They’re from Columbus, and whenever we play, we try to get them to come up into town.”

The band’s music, however, is a little difficult to label. OceanSpeak singer and guitarist Jeremiah Claudio defines his band as a group of “Jesus-lovin’ Indie Progressive Rock dudes in a band together.”

Their music blends reverberating guitar bits with sudden crashing riffs and a wide variety of vocals to create a catchy sound that is quite distinct from most rock bands.

An interesting choice for their band name, OceanSpeak derives from a Bible passage, which reads, “The voice of the LORD is over the waters.”

Newshoes gained their name from a different source, however. “The band name is just a play on my last name,” said vocalist/guitarist Brad Newshutz. “It doesn’t mean anything, but we’re fine with that!”

Newshutz is excited to perform with the other bands on the Foundry’s stage tonight.

“As far as local rock shows go, I think it’s going to be a blast! There are some really cool bands playing, all of which are our good friends or we’ve played with before and really enjoyed. Every band is different, which excites us, but they all have enough in common for it to still be an awesome show,” he said.

With many future shows planned and an album/extended EP in the works, Newshoes is on a road of exciting successes, though they never forget their beginnings.

“We are an extremely close-knit group of friends who share a love for music – nothing more, nothing less,” said Sidari. “We like to hang out, jam some tunes, and make some memories along the way. Newshoes is more than just a band to us. This band keeps our heads on straight and our feet on the ground.”

OceanSpeak also knows what it means to be a band, and knows that tonight’s exciting concert will be something students won’t want to miss.

“If you want to see a show unlike any one you have ever seen, then you should probably come so you don’t have to hear about it from all of your friends who came and loved it,” warned Claudio.