Nguyen: The Power of Nothing

Phuong Nguyen, Columnist

Zero is a powerful number. Zero represents passion.

In the axis of integer numbers, zero comes before one; you cannot get to one without passing through zero. The same thing happens in real life. Whenever someone is speaking of the number one, it is considered to be the top option, the best. In order to be the best, you have to have passionthat is when you have the number zero. There is no number one if number zero does not exist. You can’t succeed if you don’t have passion. It is the strong force that pushes through every obstacle, every fence ahead of you.

If you receive a graded test with a score of one on it, and I draw a zero after it, what will it become? 10. Zero strengthens the value of the original number by 10. Zero enhances the number one. Without zero, you’d wind up with a one as your exam score.

However, the order takes on different meanings in different contexts. If zero is in front of the number one, you become number one. A superstar. At the same time, passion makes you become a superstar.

This power dynamic with zero holds true with money as well. The more zeroes in the right places, the more money you have.

If you multiply large quantities by zero, you get zero, no matter how big your number is. In real life, we can use zero’s power to tackle challenges. No matter how big or how hard the problem is, if you have passion, you have the power to reduce the problem to something manageable, even when it seems insurmountable.

Everyone wants to be number one. They fight through their life to get to the top spot. But they have forgotten the math. In order get to number one, you have to pass through zero. You start from zero, and now you come back to zero. The first time you visit zero is when you begin to work towards your goal. At this point, it means nothing.

However, when you come back to zero after failing, you carry those lessons with you, eager to start over and do better than last time. Many think of zero as nothing. I think zero is the zero of me. Why should they be so pessimistic?

So just look at the situation in an optimistic way. No one can be number one forever. One day you will be defeated by someone else. But the one thing you can rely on keeping after a stumble is your passion. It will help you stand up and start again.

Bio: Phuong is a first-year student who loves Asian food and Harry Potter.