October’s Student Leaders of the Month Award

The Student Leadership Journey Council (SLJC) presents the Student Leaders of the Month Award for October.

Erika Brentar is a third year management student concentrating in marketing from Mentor, Ohio. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, director of concerts for the University Program Board, an Orientation Leader and a co-chair on the Springfest planning board. SLJC recognizes and awards Brentar for making a positive difference on CWRU’s campus, bringing spirit and leadership skills to all she is involved with.

SLJC interviewed Brentar to find out more about herself and the work she does:

On her role in UPB:

Brentar plans the weekly Spot Night performances on Thursday nights and the homecoming concert as director of concerts.

On UPB’s campus influence:

According to Brentar, UPB has a mostly financial impact, but suggestions and mentoring are also available for groups. They also help small groups who may have very little funding which can really boost their impact.

On role models:

Brentar’s dad is her biggest role model. She says, “Everyone got along with him. He could be anyone’s best friend.” She wants to be someone that people know that they can come up and talk to.

On collaboration:

“Within UPB, we all collaborate together as a group,” says Brentar, who has been on the board for three years, and is now the director of concerts on the executive board. She strives to make sure everyone’s voice is heard. She believes the whole campus has a voice worth listening to. Cosponsorships are important for student organizations, and UPB helps with promotions and putting on their events.

On next year’s Homecoming concert:

“Vertical Sound, our production company, said ‘You guys have reached the peak.’ I’d like to top it but I think it’s going to be tough,” she said. Regardless, Brentar plans to remain involved with all of her current commitments, and hold her position on the executive board of UPB.

On advice:

“Don’t be afraid to just take charge. I wish I had known that everyone’s opinion matters, no matter how new you are at something. That’s what new people trying to join clubs really need to understand,” says Brentar.

Part of our mission in SLJC is to recognize those student leaders and groups that use their talents to promote growth in our community. The Student Leaders of the Month and Student Organization of the Month Awards are our way of celebrating the wonderful people and groups at CWRU. Keep an eye out for future awards. Know someone or a group that deserves to be awarded? Please email akc48@case.edu for more information.

SLJC is a group dedicated to creating a community among student organizations and student leaders. We work with the Office of Student Activities and Leadership to provide resources, support and recognition so that our community will grow.