One to One and Next Level offer new student deals

Veronica Madell, Staff Reporter

As the month of New Year’s resolutions comes to an end, One to One Fitness is trying to give students an extra push to continue going to the gym as classes start to ramp up. 

One to One Fitness is the gym on Adelbert Rd. that many students walk past every day but ignore because of the price tag attached. For Case Western Reserve University affiliates, the price of a one-month membership is $42, with no contract attached. This gives students access to well-equipped cardio and weight rooms, as well as over 50 classes. 

For their Fitness Foundation program, starting Jan. 27, One to One fitness is offering 30 days of full gym access, full class access, discounted personal training and weekly newsletters for $45 to students. For students who want even more guidance at the gym, they can purchase the eight-week pass for $125 that includes weekly personal training. 

Sohan Bhawtankar, a sophomore who works at One to One Fitness, says that the classes are the biggest draw for students who already have access to free work out equipment at the Veale Recreation Center and the Wyant Athletic and Wellness Center. 

Bhawtankar said, “I see most of the students in yoga or dance classes. I think they choose to join One to One fitness because of the activities and classes offered.”

Another hidden gem for students who love yoga, Zumba, cycling and boxing classes is Next Level: A One to One Fitness Studio. Actually hidden, Next Level is above Dunkin Donuts on Euclid Ave., the only entrance a back door through the parking lot. Next Level exclusively offers classes, and for students has a $6 drop-in rate, $55 ten-pack pass and a $39-month long membership. They even take CaseCash, making classes even more tempting for students with extra money on their CaseOneCards. 

While students cannot get these classes at Veale or Wyant, they still get to interact with the One to One trainers who work at those locations. Alex Noell is a personal trainer who works in the Veale weight room. Every day, he helps all kinds of students, from beginners to varsity athletes, with lifting techniques and tips. His signature is his parting saying to everyone, “Take it easy!” which is hard to not laugh at when sweating at the gym. 

But for students who are not looking to “take it easy,” One to One Fitness and Next Level provide not only great resources and equipment, but also classes that help with motivation, intensity and enjoyment. With student prices that are a fraction of the actual cost, these two campus gyms provide a great opportunity for students looking to start healthy habits. For students who are struggling with their New Year’s resolutions, these gyms might provide the perfect motivation. Not to mention, One to One Fitness has an enticing, CaseCash-taking smoothie bar for after a great workout.