One-to-One is a safe haven from campus gym chaos


Courtesy of One to One Fitness Center

Located on Adelbert Road, One-to-One Fitness has a plethora of equipment to meet a variety of fitness needs.

Christie Lanfear, Staff Writer

Let’s be honest—navigating the ever-busy campus gyms of Case Western Reserve University can be difficult even at the best of times. It almost seems like the world is working against you when the only guaranteed quiet period at either gym is during class time. You might make the mistake of thinking you’ll get a spot early in the morning—but alas, you are met with the full roster of multiple sports teams. On top of that, the increasing trend in class size means more and more students will be populating the facilities in future semesters. So the question is, where can CWRU students go to find a little tranquility in the gym environment? 

The answer is simple, and most students likely pass by on a daily basis: One-to-One Fitness. The facility gives members a workout space that is extremely professional, private and clean. One-to-One Fitness is accessible to CWRU students and staff in addition to the surrounding University Circle community, with the main advantage being its location. It is the closest fitness facility for South Residential Village residents and is directly in front of a GreenLink bus stop that makes it easy for North Residential Village residents to utilize. 

Once inside One-to-One Fitness, its appeal only grows. A staggering 28,000 square feet, the two-level building includes sections dedicated to machine weights, cardio, free weights and functional training. If you find motivation in a group setting, there are numerous group exercise classes to choose from, including yoga and high intensity interval training. You can also sign up for personal training to receive expert advice and help you meet your fitness goals. One-to-One Fitness also has unique features that add to the appeal: The facility includes a juice bar that is a cornucopia of healthy pre- and post-workout pick-me-ups in addition to lifestyle shakes and meal replacement. Members can even reserve a private training or cardio room for some added peace and quiet. 

The only downside to One-to-One Fitness when compared to other campus gyms is the membership fee. Fortunately, CWRU students get a decent discount; for the month-by-month option, the fee is $42 per month. If you choose the “Spartan Shape Up” fall semester membership, the fee is $144 for the semester, which equates to around $36 per month. Don’t freak out yet though, because they accept CaseCash! If you are unsure whether to make the commitment to a full semester, there are various temporary passes available to try out the facility—or you might be ready to join now if you took advantage of the recent free guest week. 

After all of that, you might be thinking: Why go to the gym in the first place? You would be correct to point out that it is a big commitment and takes up valuable time that could be spent studying or relaxing. The answer is simple: It will exponentially improve both your physical and mental health. Using One-to-One Fitness to escape any stress caused by the crowded environment of the campus gyms will only amplify those benefits. Take advantage of this fantastic facility that is right on our doorstep!