Online education company to offer credit-earning classes

Tanvi Parmar, Staff Reporter

Busy students at Case Western Reserve University now have another opportunity for online schooling besides the free massively online open courses CWRU offers— albeit a pricey option. However with the $1,400 per credit cost comes a major benefit: The chance to earn college credit.

Education company 2U, founded in 2008, wants to revolutionize higher education by offering worldwide, state-of-the-art online courses to top university students. The corporation founded the Semester Online program that offers 19 courses in the spring 2014 catalog. Courses range from Introduction to Bioethics to Power, Politics and Religion in America.

This program allows students to take classes from professors at universities like University of Notre Dame, Northwestern University or Emory University. Each live online course will have fewer than twenty students per class. After completing the course, students will receive 3 hours of credit from the university the professor is from.

“I’d like these courses to expand the college experience for students, allowing undergraduates to take courses that aren’t offered by their home school,” said Andrew Hermalyn, executive vice president and general manager of Semester Online.

The program is accepting applications on their website from students with a good academic standing, enrolled in regionally accredited four-year institutions.

“[The program is targeted at] a student that wants to take a full semester off campus, to travel, to work and make money, or to deal with a family situation and not fall behind for graduation, or someone who wants to remain on campus,” Hermalyn said.

The deadline for application is Monday, December 23, 2013 with an early deadline of Friday, November 22, 2013. All the three credit Semester Online courses meet for 15 weeks and cost $1,400 per credit. Students are encouraged by 2U to contact their school’s registrar office to verify that the credit will transfer.


The classes semester online offers and their host universities:

Boston College
How to Rule the World
The War that Never Ends

Brandeis University
Psychological and Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Health
The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament: Then and Now

Emory University
Baseball and American Culture
Drugs and Behavior
Power, Politics and Religion in America

Northwestern University
Differential Equations for Engineers and Scientists
Electronics Out of the Box

Wake Forest University
Introduction to Bioethics
University of Notre Dame
Shakespeare and Film

Washington University in St. Louis
Critical Earth Issues
Introduction to Psychology
Environmental and Energy Policies