Playlist of the Week

Tokyo Police Club – “Not My Girl”
“Not My Girl” is the first taste of Tokyo Police Club’s upcoming two-part EP, “Melon Collie and the Infinite Radness.” Since its founding 11 years ago the group still hasn’t exactly settled on a sound, instead oscillating between the conventional “pop” and the weirder “indie” chunks of the indie-pop genre. Still guitar-heavy but less harsh than previous releases, “Not My Girl” leans toward the catchy and radio-polished aspect of relaxed rock. If the track is any indication, the new EP truly lives up to its infinitely rad name. Jam to Tokyo Police Club at the Grog Shop on May 6.

Astronautalis – “SIKE!”
Genre-bending Minneapolis-based act Astronautalis last dropped solo music in 2013 until “SIKE!’s” mid-February release. Less melodic and more muffled club beat, “SIKE!” is harsher and angrier than any of the prolific Astronautalis’ earlier work. Considering that Astronautalis goes meta (“See? I can write your dumb raps/Pay me and go buy some hubcaps/Fake G’s still talking ‘bout gun claps”), “SIKE!” isn’t exactly indicative of the rest of its eponymous EP’s more introspective tracks, but it certainly makes a scene.

BOY – “Flames”
Although BOY’s sophomore album debuted in September of 2015, the European duo recently released an acoustic but polished version of “Flames” from “We Were Here.” Like many of BOY’s songs, the acoustic version of “Flames” is doused in light vocal harmonies, but its dissonant minor key conjures haunting images. Both versions of the song are worth a listen when a melancholy mood strikes.

Relient K – “Look on Up”
Everyone’s favorite softcore Christian rock band is back and as cheesy as ever. The single “Look on Up” was officially released in mid-February as a precursor to Relient K’s summer 2016 album, “Air for Free.” The quiet song isn’t exactly a summer jam: rather, singer Matt Thiessen begs listeners to put down their phone and soul-search with lines like, “I look on up to the sky/I wonder why I put a filter between beauty and my eyes.” Relient K’s maturing music is worth checking out, but don’t pay too much attention to the song’s lyrical content, especially if you’re a millennial who’s tired of all the technophobes out there.

Kesha – “Warrior”
Kesha (formerly Ke$ha) has been making headlines lately with her lawsuit against producer Dr. Luke. This week, do yourself a favor and re-add her tracks to your pregame playlist. “Warrior,” from the artist’s 2012 album of the same name, is a funky and awesome electronic power ballad. No shame, “Warrior” is probably a very solid Thursday night karaoke choice. #FreeKesha.