Playlist of the Week 1/29/16

Sia – “Unstoppable”
With emotion-infused lyrics similar to those in her 2014 hit “Chandelier,” Sia again flaunts her pipes in “Unstoppable.” Like “Chandelier,” the empowerment anthem features an understated introduction, catchy chorus and overall impassioned tone. The singer-songwriter’s seventh album, “This Is Acting,” hits iTunes on the Jan. 29 and, based on her recent success, the Billboard Hot 100 soon after.

Hoodie Allen – “Are U Having Any Fun?”
Hoodie Allen is back with his recently released “Happy Camper” EP. In the EP’s single “Are U Having Any Fun?,” the MC’s bouncy lyrics are accented by Meghan Tonjes’ background vocals and Alex Lustig’s solid beats. Hoodie himself is charming and goofy, a persona that is perfectly captured in the single’s video game themed music video. Students who missed Hoodie Allen at last year’s Springfest can catch him on March 16 at House of Blues Cleveland.

Tauk – “In Bloom / Never Remember”
Despite being a purely instrumental group, Tauk captivates audiences with its funky essence. Clocking in at under five minutes—surprisingly short for the prog rock genre—“In Bloom / Never Remember” features a driving, jazzy narrative complete with keyboard solos. Fans craving more of the quartet can see them live at Beachland Ballroom on Feb. 9.

Wet – “All the Ways”
Wet is ethereal as always on their debut album, “Don’t You.” Are the breathy vocals and synthesizer patterns of “All the Ways” generic? Sure. Still, the group seems destined for success with their tried-and-true chill R&B formula. The song’s sister tracks on “Don’t You” have the power to transport stressed-out listeners into a calm headspace.


Jack’s Mannequin – “Into the Airwaves”
In “Into the Airwaves,” a bonus track addendum to Jack’s Mannequin’s debut album, Andrew McMahon laments the distance between himself and a cross-country friend. It’s been a decade since now-dissolved alt-rock stars Jack’s Mannequin released “Everything in Transit” and former frontman McMahon is taking a break from his skyrocketing solo career to revisit his roots during his 10 city “10 Years in Transit” series. The tour ends on Feb. 4, making this the ideal time for listeners to listen to their old favorites.