Playlist of the Week: 1/24

Anne Nickoloff, Staff Reporter

“Blow” — Beyoncé
I’ll admit that when I think Beyoncé, I think “Single Ladies.” However, that quickly changed after she released her newest, self-titled album “Beyoncé” on Dec. 13. “Blow,” the fourth song, is probably the raunchiest thing I’ve ever heard. Yet, it has such a great funky beat that it’s better to block out all the references to cunnilingus than to sit there and feel awkward about it.

“Montezuma” — Fleet Foxes
So, Fleet Foxes stopped being a thing in late 2011. But in mid-June of 2013, they posted some pictures on their Facebook page that hinted towards a new project. I’ll have “Montezuma” on repeat until the good news comes. Hopefully that’ll be soon.

“Coming of Age” — Foster the People
In an interview with Rolling Stone, singer Mark Foster said the new album (set to release in March) is “more organic and human” than the band’s electronic first album “Torches.” I’m interested to see how it will turn out, but “Coming of Age” is definitely a good sign. It’s airier and slower than the thumping, synthetic songs that made them famous.

“Biggy” — Warpaint
A simple beat, a slow pace and dreamy vocals singing lyrics like “there’s a world out that I’ll never see, shattered fools in memory.” Off of Warpaint’s new self-titled album, “Biggy” is trippy and worth a listen.

“End Boss” — Man Man
It’s taking me a while to get over the fact that Ryan Kattner (aka Honus Honus) of Man Man wrote a song about Wolf Blitzer eating babies. Better yet, it’s incredibly catchy. They came to Grog Shop yesterday, so check next week’s issue of The Observer for a review of the show.