Playlist of the Week: 2/21

Anne Nickoloff, Staff Reporter

“Walking Light” — Beck
Beck’s new album, “Morning Phase,” was released earlier than expected, and I’m glad that this song got to be in real life existence for even just an extra week. It’s calm, faraway, dramatic and perfect after a long day of work (or college).

“Bill Murray” — Phantogram
Another chill song for a very chill man. “Bill Murray,” off of Phantogram’s newest album “Voices,” is full of ghosts, with a distant sad feel to it.

“Black Rainbow” — St. Vincent
“Black Rainbow” is from St. Vincent’s 2009 album “Actor,” but her new album comes out next week. So it’s time to celebrate, right? St. Vincent’s sweepy, stark lyrics and melodies are just great, and the new album will, hopefully, be just as great.

“Happy” — Pharrell Williams
This song is literal happiness. And I’m so glad that it’s really popular right now, because I could listen to it all day.

“Armed” — SKATERS
I was sifting through the Grog Shop’s calendar the other day, and I saw that SKATERS are performing on March 31. A bit of a ways off, but for this punky, alternative band, it’s plenty of time to get excited.