Playlist of the Week 3/21

Anne Nickoloff, Staff Reporter

“The Lords of Summer”—Metallica
Metallica’s new single, performed recently in Columbia, brings some of the band’s classic style through this band’s lengthy metal song. James Hetfield’s lyrics are just as biting and intense as ever.
Editor’s Note: Due to the recent release of this track (a garage demo from this week, in fact), this song was not available for inclusion in this week’s Spotify playlist. —Kyle Patterson, Director of Web & Multimedia

You can never get enough of Lorde. She’s hovering at number six in Billboard’s top 100 with this song, displaying Lorde’s slurry vocals and clapping, sharp beats.

Next week, on Wednesday, March 26, Cherub’s swinging by the House of Blues Cleveland on its “Ones to Watch” tour. And the tour name is an accurate description of what this band’s got to offer. This distinct song’s chill techno base is layered with almost 80’s-feeling lyrics. Groovy.

“I Wanna”—Matt & Kim
Like this song’s title, I wanna Springfest to be here already.
Okay, that’s pretty cheesy. But seriously, the concert is barely a month away, and Matt & Kim is going to rock it. This upbeat song’s going to keep me and everyone in my immediate vicinity excited for the countdown.

“Going to the Ceremony”—Kid Cudi
Fun fact: Kid Cudi, AKA Scott Mescudi, grew up in Cleveland. The more you know. He’s pretty cool for blending genres beyond just rap or hip hop, and collaborating with a lot of lesser-known musicians. This song is an excellent example of his music mixing pot.