Playlist of the Week

Oct. 10, 2014

“We Come from the Same Place” — Allo Darlin’
With fall just beginning to rear its head, the earnest and organic sounds of Allo Darlin’ are a deeply comforting soundtrack to the change of seasons. “We Come from the Same Place” is a simple and perfectly baked slice of indie pop pie, serving as the title track of this London-based quartet’s third album, came out on Fortuna Pop and Slumberland Records Oct. 7.

“Electric” — Bass Drum Of Death
“Electric” is the first track off of Bass Drum Of Death’s “Rip This,” an unrelenting rollercoaster ride of fuzzed-out, delirious garage rock. Heavier in tone and sporting a thicker guitar sound than the duo’s previous recordings, this tune grabs the listener by the ears with a lethargic swagger and yes, lots of bass drum. Look for “Rip This,” released Oct. 7 on Innovative Leisure records, but be careful once you find it.

“From Eden” — Hozier
Hozier is proof that a soulful voice and the brooding mystic of James Dean can get you pretty far in life. “From Eden” puts both of these qualities to good use, conjuring an atmosphere of detached cool, smoky guitars and shuffling percussion that impresses. Available globally on Oct. 7, Hozier’s eponymous debut casts a spell that is satisfying, but as with all great performers, leaves the listening still wanting more. Here’s to hoping that there is more coming, and soon, from the commanding pipes of one of music’s best new talents.

“Easy Money” — Johnny Marr
Johnny Marr took an interesting path to a solo after the breakup of The Smiths in the late ‘80s. Serving first as a studio musician for artists like The Talking Heads and Modest Mouse, and then starting the alternative dance duo Electronic in the 1990s, Marr didn’t release his first solo recording until 2013’s “The Messenger.” Now, just one year later, “Easy Money” is the first single off of the guitarist’s newest record, “Playland,” melding the dance beats of Electronic with glistening lines of guitar. Marr wants nothing more than to play guitar in a bona fide rock and roll band, and it shows on “Playland.”

“Retro [ROUGH]” — Childish Gambino
Donald Glover is the closest thing our generation has to a Renaissance man. Besides starring in the hit television show Community, Glover finds time to write, do stand-up comedy and produce records under his stage name Childish Gambino in his spare time. That doesn’t mean that his work as a rapper is half-baked, however; “Retro [ROUGH]” is a soulful, hard-hitting highlight off of “Kauai,” Glover’s latest EP. “I’m the new Jay-Z… I’mma steal that crown” proclaims Glover. With “Retro [ROUGH]” and his already veritable body of hip-hop work, he comes incredibly close.

Retro Pick of the Week:
“Pieces”— Dinosaur Jr.
Dinosaur Jr. is one of the most distinctive and influential alternative bands of the ‘80s and ‘90s, operating on the dual formula of monumental levels of pure rock and roll noise and the piercing whine of frontman J Mascis’ lead guitar. “Pieces” is a tune that displays this recipe at its best, complete with a mind-melting solo beginning at the 2:01 mark. J Mascis is currently in the midst of a tour supporting his new solo album, “Tied to a Star,” and will be stopping at the Grog Shop on Oct. 14. Tickets are $15 and the show starts at 8:30 p.m.

Teddy Eisenberg is a third year programmer at WRUW-FM 91.1 Cleveland. He hosts The ’59 Sound, an exploration of rock music, every Thursday morning from 8-10 a.m. and co-hosts the variety talk show Max and Teddy in the Morning at Night (Sometimes) on Mondays from 5-6 p.m. The crackle of vinyl warms him on cold Cleveland nights.