Playlist of the Week: April 11, 2014

Teddy Eisenberg, Staff Reporter

“I’m Not Part Of Me” — Cloud Nothings
Take a minute to let the chunkiness of the riff that starts “I’m Not Part Of Me” hit you. In one word, it’s satisfying. Thick, yet nimble; polished, and yet dirty. The latest from Cloud Nothings hit stores last Tuesday, but could just as easily have been released alongside Thin Lizzy’s “Jailbreak” in 1976. This is what rock and roll is meant to sound like: pure, simple and timeless.

“Money” — September Girls
The all girl chick rock of September Girls is an elegant solution to the all too frequent indie rock problem of the whiny male singer. In “Money,” dissonant blankets of guitar and vocals cover over a groaning bass line that is slightly reminiscent of The Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop,” but with reverb to spare. Warm and enveloping, this track is a perfect choice for the morning walk to class.

“David Bowie Save Us All (Redux)” — The Modern Electric
Syncopated piano notes drip beneath the falsetto croon of lead singer Garrett Komyati in this sick remix of The Modern Electric’s most popular concert staple. Trying to catch all the references to D-D-D-David Bowie songs is challenging, to say the least (Hint: there are A LOT). These Clevelanders are the self-branded champions of cinematic pop and will be co-headlining a show with Wesley Bright & the Hi-Lites at the Beachland Ballroom this Saturday, April 12.

“Tell Me” — Wesley Bright & the Hi-Lites
A throwback to the crisp Motown sounds of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, Wesley Bright & the Hi-Lites aren’t the most obvious choice to split a concert bill with The Modern Electric. These two bands do share, however, the ability to put on a killer live show. Wesley & the Hi-Lites are best known for headlining an annual New Year’s Eve show at the Beachland and their return to the venue so soon is sure to be a treat for concertgoers on April 12.

“Past Lives” — Real Estate
The light pop of “Past Lives” is the musical equivalent of a cold glass of lemonade on a scorching summer day. The guitars twinkle in a refreshing way, acting as a relaxed reassurance that summer is coming (yes, even in Cleveland). Real Estates’ most recent release on Domino Records, “Atlas” is, from start to finish, a shimmering piece of pop perfection. Highly recommended listening for the stressed college student.

Retro Pick of the Week:
“See No Evil” — Television
“See No Evil” is a miniature revolution, albeit a subtle and understated one. Stripping away any sense of swing or groove, the interactive guitar work of Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd produces hypnotic and stunning harmonies. Looking back on this 1977 masterpiece, it’s almost impossible to imagine the soundscape of guitar rock without Television; bands like The Strokes and Interpol simply couldn’t exist.