Playlist of the Week–Bops and Bangers

Chris Heermann, Social Media Editor

This week’s playlist focuses on songs you might hear at a classic Friday or Saturday night party. Knowing all of these songs will make you the coolest person in your social group and will enhance your enjoyment of the loud social gatherings.

Sicko Mode–Travis Scott

Somehow this song is always playing as you step into the door of the party. Drake’s first line, “Astro,” grows the suspense as the beat builds before dropping along with the IQ of everyone in the room.

Mo Bamba–Sheck Wes

Similar to “Sicko Mode,” “Mo Bamba” builds tension from the first line. However, it immediately releases the tension five seconds later as a wall of bass assaults your ears. This song is guaranteed to hype people up, as long as the people are stereotypical college students.


“Africa”? It’s more likely than you’d think. As the opening chords blast from the speakers, a cheer always springs up from the crowds of party-goers. The best part of this song playing may be listening to everyone try and sing along then give up until the chorus.

Mr. Brightside–The Killers

Similar to “Africa,” “Mr. Brightside” is always welcomed by a cheer from the throngs of dancers. This great unifier appeals to everyone on campus and therefore must be played at every social gathering.

Broccoli (feat. Lil Yachty)–DRAM

Big Baby D.R.A.M. album cover by Boootleg

This classic sing-along can also be substituted by “iSPY” by Kyle, also featuring Lil Yachty. Only happy vibes are permitted while screaming along to this bop at the top of your lungs.

No Role Modelz–J. Cole

When this song comes on, you can be sure that there will be a majority of the room singing along to every word—especially during the George W. Bush feature. This is due to the moderate tempo and simple rhyme scheme that makes the song so easy to listen to.

A Milli–Lil Wayne

Also allowed is “6 Foot 7 Foot” by the same artist. Watch in amazement as only the most skilled at the party rap along to one of Weezy’s classic songs while the bass shakes the foundations of the building.