New policy could ban cookouts, bake sales


Abdelrahman Rahmy

Resident Assistants are currently not allowed to make food for their residents. Next semester, all student organizations could be bound by a similar policy.

A campus policy is currently in the works which may ban food events such as bake sales and cookouts starting next semester. Thus far, it is unclear which office is implementing the policy, but it seems as if the new rule is being implemented because of health and safety concerns.

Sophomore and Residence Hall Association (RHA) member Andrew Dupuis learned of these potential changes unexpectedly.

“I was planning a cookout for our members during an internal event—our Fall Retreat training day—and it was mentioned that cookouts were no longer allowed under campus policy,” said Dupuis.

“From what I have been told, recognized student groups and administration may not prepare or heat food (regardless of whether it is precooked or not) without a legal catering license,” added Dupuis. “This includes barbeques with a student group all the way down to Resident Assistants baking cookies.”

In fact, current RAs are not allowed to bake or hand out food to their residents.

“As adults, I think we can be held responsible to our own individual food allergies and the risks of eating foods you have not prepared yourself,” said senior RA Lauren Auster.

Some CWRU students are concerned about the upcoming rule.

“Buying cookies and baked goods are small ways CWRU students can support great causes,” said Senior Yuliya Matsova. “In addition, this might cause student groups to have to spend larger amounts of money on catering rather than focus their budget on something more meaningful.”

Undergraduate Student Government President Chippy Kennedy weighed in on this tentative rule implementation.

“From what I can tell, they [the rules] are still being developed and are for next semester,” said Kennedy. “I am putting people on it to learn more and bring in student voice to the process to the best of our ability.”