Poo at CWRU

Sophomore Andrew Mitchell addresses bathroom quality issues

Alexander Wheaton, Staff Reporter

For years, Case Western Reserve University students have had to guess at which bathrooms on campus are acceptable for them to use. But with sophomore Andrew Mitchell’s new website, Poo @ CWRU, the guessing game is over.

The website grabs bathroom goers’ GPS locations in real time and displays the ratings of nearby bathrooms. Ratings are based on cleanliness, location, WiFi, writing, traffic, and toilet paper. Students who want to contribute to the project can log in using CWRU’s single sign-on service, where they can add restrooms, write reviews, and rate bathrooms.

Since the website’s inception last month, it has attracted much attention, and now boasts student-posted ratings and reviews for almost every restroom on campus.

Like most great ideas, Mitchell’s inspiration for the project came from comments scrawled on a bathroom wall. In the men’s bathroom on the second floor of Sears, students scrawled ratings for the bathroom’s cell phone reception, WiFi strength, setting and cleanliness on the wall in Sharpie. Mitchell decided to take this idea and digitize it, making it available for all of the bathrooms on campus.

Mitchell said that users should consider using the mobile version of the website, which lets them check ratings “whenever they need to go, on the go.”

Mitchell said that it would be difficult to expand the project beyond the boundaries of CWRU’s campus, but he did say that similar projects could flourish on other college campuses.