Purighalla: Restock food or be honest that you don’t

Lack of options leaves much to be desired at Leutner

If people could run on photosynthesis, life would be so much more efficient. Then again that would make Fruit Loops unnecessary. I don’t want to live like that. Luckily I’m not a plant and Leutner serves cereal at all times of the day. Other favorite foods, however, don’t make the cut.

I’m a little addicted to peanut butter and since PB&J used to be a staple component in my pre-college diet, I’ve been eating a lot of that at Leutner Commons. The peanut butter bowl runs out very quickly, though. Sometimes I see the person in front of me scrape the sides of the bowl just to get a little more peanut butter as I contemplate whether or not there’s still enough to accomplish the same feat.

The pasta bar line is almost always the longest line at Leutner Commons. Waiting long enough to realize that there’s no more tofu is a little disheartening. First coming to Case Western Reserve University as a vegetarian and seeing a soy milk dispenser in the cafeteria made me pretty optimistic about the options at Leutner. Multiple times I have filled a bowl with cereal only to find the soy milk completely gone.

I ran into a significantly more annoying situation with Tapingo and L3.Tired and hungry, I ordered a black bean burger on Tapingo from L3. After waiting 34 minutes, the app confirmed that the waiting time on my meal was finished. Only after I waited over a half an hour and specifically asked for my order, did I find out that they’d run out of black bean burgers.

I have to be fair; the Bon Appétite staff was extremely accommodating and allowed me to order something different right away. There’s a lot of other delicious options, so even though they do run out of one item, there’s always another option.The staff is extremely friendly and there’s ice cream every day.

For me, food isn’t just nourishment. It’s what keeps me happy, sane and generally tolerable. After I realized that I’d waited for nothing, I almost face-planted on the L3 floor.

The only solution I could offer would be to restock the food more often or be open about the fact that the food isn’t replenished often. This specific issue isn’t necessarily L3’s problem. My issue lies more with Tapingo. I know that if I would’ve ordered my meal there, I would’ve found out that the black bean burgers were finished immediately. If Tapingo could eliminate options from the menu when they ran out of them at L3, this problem could be avoided entirely.

Sunny Purighalla is a first-year student. If Sunny’s alarm fails to wake her up in the morning, the Leutner food trucks happily do the job instead.