Quidditch: Bringing fictional game into reality

Club prepares for spring season, Yule Ball


The Quidditch club brings the fictional Harry Potter sport to life, even competing against other schools. In addition to the sport, the club throws an annual Yule Ball that students can purchase tickets for. // The team competes in tournaments across the region, facing other schools who share the fictional game. CWRUcio has beaten both Indiana State and Oberlin this season.

Riley Simko, Staff Reporter

The Case Western Reserve University club Quidditch team, or CWRUcio, has enjoyed a magical fall season, and are looking forward to a clean sweep in the spring.

The Quidditch team is inspired by J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series, which features the popular wizarding sport. The Chicago Tribune calls Quidditch a “combination of basketball and rugby with elements of hockey and dodgeball mixed in.”

Many people know what Quidditch looks like in the “Harry Potter” universe, but without broomsticks and self-flying game pieces in the real world, the sport takes on a new shape. A team member or volunteer acts as the golden Snitch, but the players do actually have broom-like sticks they must use throughout the game. The three hoops at each end of the field are maintained by a keeper, just like in the books, and the chasers work to score goals through those hoops to earn points.

Here at CWRU, the Quidditch team operates as both a sport and a club, with co-captains as well as an executive board. But make no mistake, Quidditch is a highly competitive sport.

They practice three times a week, according to fourth-year co-captain Nat Bick.

Our practices are captain-run, and usually consist of warm-ups, drills, and scrimmages,” Bick said. “We run some drills for the specific positions—Chaser, Beater, Seeker, Keeper—to try to refine our players’ skills and play to our strengths, but a lot of players bounce around to different positions because it’s really helpful to have people practice the different positions. It gives them a better understanding of the game and also gives our team more options during matches.”

Brandon Smith, also a fourth-year, is Bick’s co-captain, leading the practices for the team and inspiring the club’s players. Their goal is to “strive to help everyone think beyond the possible, unleash the magic within their hearts and make the world a more magical place.”

CWRUcio’s hard work and magical intent shows throughout their successes and memories this fall season.

On Oct. 6, the CWRUcio team competed in the Great Lakes Tracebreaker Invitational. Cleveland Quidditch hosted teams from CWRU, Ohio State University, Indiana State University, Purdue University, Kent State University (KSU), Ohio University, Ashland University, Oberlin College and Ithaca College.

CWRUcio lost to KSU 120-110 and to Ashland 130-80. In both matches, the opposite team caught the snitch, securing their win. CWRU came out on top against Oberlin, winning 120-30, despite an Oberlin snitch catch. The team also secured a win against Indiana State, winning 120-90.

On Nov. 10, the team competed in Oberlin College’s Just Beat it Part II: Bludger Backbeat Tournament. CWRU placed high in the tournament, winning against the University of Dayton and Oberlin but losing to KSU.

Third-year student and Yule Ball Chair Joel Hauerwas said, “The team is hopeful for our next semester, where we will have a series of tournaments and show matches at Dayton and West Virginia University.” Hauerwas also mentioned that the club is looking into hosting their own tournament in the future.

While the CWRUcio Quidditch team’s competitive schedule for next semester is not yet set in stone, they do have their biggest event of the year on the books.

The Yule Ball, an annual event hosted by the club Quidditch team, will take place Feb. 9 from 9 p.m. until 11 p.m. in Thwing Ballroom. The Yule Ball in “Harry Potter” takes place during the Triwizard Tournament, meant to break up the serious challenges with a night of butterbeer and ballroom dancing. Tickets are $7 for individuals and $5 per person for groups of four or more. The team plans to sell their tickets online and across campus leading up to the event.

This year’s Yule Ball will hopefully be the best yet,” Hauerwas said. The team is also planning to host Harry Potter-themed craft nights to gear up for the Yule Ball.

The 2019 Yule Ball theme is the Forbidden Forest. In the “Harry Potter” series, the Forbidden Forest is a haven for all kinds of magical creatures, from unicorns to massive spiders. But don’t worry, CWRUcio President and third-year student Patrick Hogrell says their version of the forest won’t include any of Aragog’s eight-legged family.


For those interested in learning more regarding the rules and mechanics of collegiate Quidditch, more information can be found at this link.