Reflecting on the Indians streak

It’s time to consider them World Series favorites

The Cleveland Indians just had one of the most magical runs of any team ever in the history of baseball. For a team that has championship aspirations, they gave the league, their fans and opposing teams a taste of the kind of talent in the American League.

For those that have been under a rock for the past three weeks, the Indians just won 22 consecutive games, the second longest winning streak in the history of baseball. Not only did they win 22 straight, they were dominating opponents. The streak lasted over three weeks and the Indians outscored teams by an incredible 142-37 margin. When it finally ended, the fans could do nothing but applaud.

Technically, the Indians posted the second best win streak of all time. The 1916 New York Giants won 26 games in a row, albeit with an unofficial tie in the middle of the streak. Nevertheless, that is recognized as the longest amount of games played before suffering a loss. In terms of consecutive wins, the Indians passed the 1935 Chicago Cubs’ record of 21 consecutive wins. Being a Cubs fan, I felt bittersweet watching the Indians steamroll through the teams they played. It was obviously a fantastic experience to be in Cleveland watching the team continue to pile on the wins, but I secretly hoped they would eventually lose so as to not threaten the Cubs record. Looking back, I am happy to say that I was around for the streak to continue.

Unsurprisingly, after the current win streak the Indians’ World Series odds increased and are now the best of any team in baseball. Their odds are currently at 9-4 according to the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook. After the team came within one game of winning the World Series last year, oddsmakers clearly have all the evidence they need to make the team have the best odds of anyone in the game.

When the run did finally end, the Indians promptly won their division following their next victory. This was the second straight year the Indians have won their division, the first time they have won two straight division titles since 1995. As the team looks to get healthy before the playoffs begin, it will be exciting to see just how many wins they will get before the playoffs start.

The Indians mesmerized baseball fans all across the country as they did what no other team had done in over half a century. Looking back on it, I am now more appreciative of what I was able to see and the history that I witnessed. While I can’t say that I want the Indians to win the World Series, I would love to see this team play great baseball and represent the American League one more time.