Take a day to relax over Spring Break

It is already past the midpoint of Spring Break. While meant to give time off and be a time of relaxation, it can often turn into just another week of school work.

Unfortunately, many professors seem to assign more work over Spring Break, or assignments that are due right after the break, making the students feel obliged to do their work. Even if there are no assignments due, many people might be using the week off to catch up on work or long-term projects that they don’t have time for when class is normally in session.

Although staying productive over break is important in order to keep up with assignments, it is also important to use the time to take a break from schoolwork, even for just a day a two to do some needed self-care. Whether that includes going on a short getaway, or taking a day to sit in your pajamas and watch movies in your bed, taking a break from all of the stressors of the semester is important. You need to make sure when school resumes, you are more relaxed and will not become burnt out as fast.

In the moment, school, work and every other responsibility seems pressing and important, but if we let life pass by without participating in things we want to, like social events or pursing hobbies or interests, then what is the point in all of the hard work in school? If we don’t take moments off to be social, are we truly enjoying life to its fullest?

I know that doing well in school is a satisfying goal for me and makes me happy since I like to learn, however I also want to have a balance of school and other activities, such as spending time with family and friends, being healthy, and giving yourself time to relax, is important not only for health but also for success in school.

After all of the stress of midterms, use Spring Break to take some time away from school or work responsibilities and spend time with family or friends, or just take a day to yourself. The second half of the semester is often more involved, with more assignments, tests, papers and activities for clubs and groups.

Knowing that there will not be much time for self care and socialization the rest of the semester until the summer, Spring Break is an important time to step back and take some time to relax, even for just a day.

Abby Assmus is a graduate student and is enjoying Spring Break.