Saint Motel performs at House of Blues

F.E Abouelsoud, Contributing Reporter

The Cleveland music scene hosted Saint Motel, an indie pop band, on Oct. 17. The show at the House of Blues was a mix of pop and jazz, with Hippocampus and Weathers accompanying the main act. The two smaller bands had two distinct sets, providing a good mix of classic 90s hip hop and rock. The star of the show, however, was Saint Motel.

The focal point of the stage was a small television showing clips that created a story that weaved their set list together. Their newest album, “saintmotelevision,” has many of the same tones that made this band famous with their hit song, “My Type.” The pop beat with the jazz infrastructure is mimicked throughout this album and could be felt during the concert. The light, upbeat vibe created a concert with a relaxed environment. This concert was not for the electronic dance music (EDM) fans that are present on Case Western Reserve University’s campus. It created a smooth, relaxed atmosphere that worked to relieve the stress and blues that are commonly associated with Mondays.

The highlight of the concert was the setting. The House of Blues is a beautiful venue for concerts that creates a very intimate experience between the musicians and the audience. Because the stage is not very high, the musicians are almost at the same level as the fans, something that would be euphoric for die-hard fans of any band that performs there. This even allows the musicians to come down from the stage and wander among the crowd. Furthermore, while the size of the venue may not be large, it still manages to enhance the experience. Being in a small group of people close to the stage allows fans to really enjoy the experience. Compared to larger music venues, such as in Bonnaroo, a music festival in Tennessee, where one ends up watching the performers on the TV screens, this was a refreshing change of pace. As someone who perpetually cannot see stages because of height, it was nice to not have to be stretching to try and see the show from the back. The dimmed lighting and homey nature of the seating only adds to this entire experience. There is even lounge seating on the second floor, allowing one to decide if they want to be up close and dancing, or relaxed and simply enjoying the experience of listening to the music in a new location. This particularly allows for people of all ages to enjoy concerts of music they are not necessarily familiar with.

Overall, this was a very good concert that was in the perfect setting. Saint Motel was the perfect first concert for me at this venue, allowing me to not only appreciate the music but also the location. I would recommend seeing different shows at the House of Blues because it really is an experience that is worth it. Regardless of the type of music, it really is a set up for a good time.