Second-year volleyball player unexpectedly finds her passion

Sometimes complete accidents inspire the greatest revelations. Second-year outside hitter Bailey Hagedorn never anticipated playing volleyball. As a kid, she was involved in individual activities such as ice skating, gymnastics and piano—not exactly similar to volleyball. In fact, Hagedorn did not start playing volleyball until seventh grade, when her school required her to join a sport. The rest is now history. She fell in love with the hustle mentality and team aspect of the game.

Hagedorn is familiar with the concept that the team always comes first. In volleyball, communication and in-game adjustment are crucial for success, and these values have contributed to the formation of strong bonds with her teammates.

The relationships and bonds you form with teammates form quicker and often times stronger than other off-the-court friendships,” she said.

Those friendships led to Hagedorn’s once-in-a-lifetime trip to Spain with the Case Western Reserve University volleyball team. Traveling across the world with the team was a special adventure. The trip was a great opportunity for her to meet volleyball players from a different country while also testing her Spanish.

Hagedorn wasted no time finding her way into matches at CWRU, playing in 22 as a first-year player. Over the course of the season, Hagedorn accumulated 38 kills, 21 digs and 11 total blocks.

Off the court, Hagedorn is active in Phi Mu, where she is currently the house manager, and in Theta Tau where she is the fundraising chair. She is especially excited about the latter position so she can implement fundraisers at Chipotle and Happy Dog, along with revitalizing the “Recycle Regatta,” an annual philanthropy event. Additionally, she participates in on-campus research and volunteers at Severance Hall in the off-season.

Now in her second year on the chemical engineering track, Hagedorn is eager to begin new classes. She wants to go into chemical engineering because of her fascination with chemistry and her constant desire to apply the concepts to the real world.

Although a bit naive, I truly hope that I will be able to change the world. My ultimate goal for my education is to give myself the knowledge and opportunity to solve real-world problems and improve people’s lives,” Hagedorn explained.

Although her free time is limited because of volleyball, engineering classes and other extracurriculars, Hagedorn recently developed a love for baking. Mostly on weekends and during breaks, she tries new recipes to satisfy her sweet tooth. To relax, Hagedorn has also started journaling to release and reflect on thoughts and emotions even on overwhelming days.

If you ever meet Hagedorn, one of the first things that will strike you is her positive attitude. She loves the quote, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” She explained that enjoyability of life is not simply based on the things you have but rather how you react to certain situations.

She ended by saying, “Attitude is a decision, and having a positive one is something I strive for each day when I get out of bed.”