Six cars have been broken into since Nov. 14

Julia Bianco, News Editor

CWRU police reports show that there has been a recent string of thefts from cars, with six vehicles broken into in the past two weeks.

The first theft was reported on Nov. 14, with the windows smashed and items taken from a car parked on Martin Luther King Drive. Another car was broken into on Carlton Rd. on Nov. 15, with another on the same street on Nov. 18. Two more thefts occurred on Stearns Rd. on Nov. 17. The most recent theft was on E. 116th St. on Nov. 18.

“Often, my experience with car break-ins is that it can be one guy who will go through in an evening and hit multiple cars,” said Sgt. Jeffrey Daberko of the CWRU Police Department. Daberko said that thefts from automobiles have been down recently, until these incidents.

The CWRU Police Department is currently unsure of who committed the crimes.

“It’s hard to catch folks stealing from cars unless you catch them in the act,” said Daberko. “It’s a difficult crime to solve.”

Daberko said that, to prevent theft, students should not keep valuables in their cars, especially if they are leaving them parked for long periods of time.