SLJC outstanding organization: WISER

SLJC is excited to introduce to you our next outstanding organization: Women in Science and Engineer Roundtable (WISER). WISER is an organization dedicated to “promoting the academic excellence of women pursuing STEMM (Science Technology, Engineering, Math and Medicine) disciplines at Case Western Reserve University by building a learning community and giving them the tools they need to succeed.” The organization hosts around 300 students with all major STEMM disciplines represented. Many of the organization’s members are double majors and may have multiple minors as well.

On campus, WISER facilitates their own Peer Mentoring Program, which pairs first and second year WISER members with upperclassmen or graduate students in similar majors or fields of study. The mentors offer support and help the mentees learn from their experiences. The program helps to ease the transition to college as well as to help solidify future career and educational goals. WISER also facilitates a Professional Mentoring Program which pairs upperclassmen with professionals in their field of interest. The program provides networking experience as well as support and advice from professionals. WISER currently works on transitioning the Professional Mentoring Program into a Professional Externship Program in order to provide upperclassmen with more firsthand experience in a professional setting.

Off campus, WISER also contributes to service projects which connect young women in the area with STEMM fields. Recently, WISER was awarded a grant by the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) to partner with the Cleveland Botanical Garden and work with sixth grade girls from deprived communities, teaching them the fundamentals of engineering and design disciplines using the Geo-Bread House Program. Also, WISER’s international outreach program, SEVA, supports a public school in Bangalore, India. The group raises funds through an annual dinner and sells samosas and chai tea weekly during the spring semester.

WISER continually fosters leadership in its members by hosting workshops, inviting members to executive board meetings and helping members earn leadership positions. Their outreach programs allow them to become role models for young women in the community.

If you would like to get involved with WISER, see their Facebook page or join their email listserve.

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