SLJC presents: student organization of the month

Mary Engardio

SLJC is very excited to announce its first notable student group of 2014: the Magnolia Community Council (MaCC). The council is a subsidiary of the Residence Hall Association (RHA) that manages and develops the Magnolia residential college on the north side of campus. Their mission is “to advocate for our residents, develop their leadership skills through programming and leadership opportunities and to enhance the residential hall experience through programming.”

The council’s outreach activities and programs are numerous and diverse, ranging from Magnolia Mornings, an opportunity to get free hot chocolate and a treat, to residential feedback forums held in a town-hall-like setting, to a homecoming window decorating competition.

MaCC is most proud of Jack Bash, the annual tradition of dropping pumpkins from the 11th floor of Clarke Tower. The event features fall-themed treats, music and performances from several student groups.
The guiding principles of MaCC and RHA are the three pillars: advocacy, leadership development and programming. MaCC takes their duty to their residents and community very seriously, but knows how to keep the place lively. The leadership development pillar focuses on development but also aims to recognize leaders who are already outstanding in their organization.

Within the council, each member is expected to take charge of their own project or task and bring it to fruition. Each member is highly motivated and has lots of support from their fellow council members and RHA. The programming pillar involves organizing events that boost the social, academic and emotional aspects of the residents’ lives.

MaCC currently runs under the direction of 20 diverse members from a variety of backgrounds including Biology, Cognitive Science, Accounting, Nursing and more.

Any resident of Magnolia Residential college can become involved with MaCC at any time, and also have the opportunity to become members-at-large if they find they are interested in a particular postition.

SLJC is a group dedicated to creating a community among student organizations and student leaders. We work with the Office of Student Activities and Leadership to provide resources, support and recognition so that our community will grow.