SLJC recognition

SJLC is proud to recognize its first notable student leader on Case Western Reserve University’s campus: William Tomaszewsk. Bill is a second-year student at CWRU working towards a biomedical engineering major with minors in business management and polymer science and engineering.

In addition to being a student here at CWRU, he has held positions in University Program Board and Sigma Phi Epsilon while working as a research assistant in Professor Capadona’s lab and a resident assistant in Michelson House.

One of the outreach activities that has had the greatest impact on him was being an Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) mentor for a first-year student. He shared that, “having the opportunity to be an ELP mentor was an awesome experience. Having been in the mentee’s shoes not more than a year ago, I remembered all the questions and aspirations I had about how to spend my time at CWRU. This led to me being able to learn from and help my mentee quite a bit. Being able to give back to the campus community by later being a mentor, in ways that it has served me, is something that I always enjoy.”

Bill credits his mentors and supervisors as being the force of inspiration to be an involved leader on campus, and observes, “[they] have always been there to challenge me and expose me to new opportunities. Without the successful people that I have osmotically benefited from on this campus, I would not be the person I am today.”

SLJC would like to thank those mentors as well for helping to develop such a strong leader on this campus. Thank you, William Tomaszewsk, for using your leadership strengths to benefit our university.