Smith: A mid-semester reflection

Josiah Smith, Staff Columnist

Like it or not, the middle of the semester is when you’re compelled to reflect. There’s something about receiving midterm grades, whether scathing, decent or exceptional, that causes you to ponder what went well and what didn’t. Fortunately, there’s enough time to sustain or change things for the better. And although I hate messages that teeter on cliche, the best way I’ve learned to do this is by letting the unnecessary go.

Initially, identifying the extent of the fruitless things in your life will be challenging. In the same regard, there will be some things that you’ll know, right off the bat, aren’t really worth your precious time.

Don’t be ashamed of the things that need to be essentially cut away from your life. For me, I had to realize that I was in a friend group that truly wasn’t healthy. I had unknowingly formed a detrimental attitude that I hadn’t been raised to believe in or even entertain. It adversely affected several factors in my life and, though it was negatively affecting me, I had difficulty realizing that it was indeed the root of many disappointments.

Our friends are those that we trust with the most intimate parts of ourselves. It was difficult for me to realize that I had welcomed friends that didn’t have my best interest in mind. In my case, I believe that most of the painful moments happened unwittingly. But, even so, I had to realize that being constantly hurt by another person, even if unintentional, is never acceptable. Because if it were, I’d be depressed and deeply saddened at the expectation of events that would bring harm. I truly hope that everyone who is reading this article agrees that it sucks to be consistently hurt by another person. If we agree there, then we also agree that at some point it has to end.

Like personal relationships, our personal habits can also be detrimental. The big umbrella term is, of course, time management. It can be the bane of your existence, but hopefully, it becomes the reason why you succeed.

Because once you’ve solidified a schedule that you like and can stick to, the world begins to unfurl beautifully. I’ve included naps and snack time into my schedule this year—an homage to simpler, more free times. Truthfully, it has changed my life. I wake up from that nap ready to go and ready to conquer the world. Albeit, after my naps on Tuesdays and Thursdays my most pressing activity for conquest is poetry, but it’s that refreshing feeling that matters most.

In all, don’t be afraid to prune the unnecessary miscellaneous branches from your life. This is the home stretch to winter break. Make it fantastic, fun and packed with superb memories of this semester.

Josiah Smith is a fourth-year English and business management double major.