Spartans Face Turbulent Waters at Quad Meet

Team receives mixed results in last home meet until February

Skyler Phillips, Contributing Reporter

This weekend’s home quad meet may have left the Spartans feeling a bit ambivalent about the results. The men had victory over two of the three teams, with victories of 222.5 to 67.5 against Grove City and 172.5 to 106.5 against Gannon University and a loss 195 to 102 against Kenyon College. The women endured three losses, scoring 189 to 110 against Grove City, 170 to 123 against Gannon University and 200 to 99 against Kenyon University.

Both men and women, though, competed well in various events, some taking first and others placing in the top four spots. The Spartans dominated in the 200-yard butterfly, with senior Maggie Dillione taking first in the women’s event by half a pool and freshman Aaron Tam pulling into the lead on the last 25 for the men’s race. Alec David also made it into the top four for the men, taking fourth place.

Sara Tillie claimed first place in the women’s 200-yard freestyle and third in the 50-yard event. In the men’s 200-yard freestyle, Scott McHenry and Eric Haufler took third and fourth place. McHenry also took third in the 100-yard freestyle.

The Men’s A and B relays took second and third in the 200-yard medley relay. The A relay consisted of members Andrew Bollinger, Sean Nickley, Eric Haufler and Gus Bailey; the B relay, Drew Weibel, Nick Clyde, Alec David and Aaron Tam. Bollinger and Bailey returned in the men’s 200-yard Freestyle A relay to take first place again, along with teammates Scott McHenry and Caleb Allen.

Concerning diving, Daniel Jacobson won both the men’s one meter and three meter events. Riki Drout and Caitlin Baker took third and fourth in the women’s three meter, with Drout also taking third in the one meter.

The team will be participating in the Wooster Invitational at the Ellen Shapiro Natatorium in Wooster, Ohio after they return from the break. The invitational will take place over three days, from December 5th to the 7th.  Hopefully, their studying for finals won’t get in the way of their swimming, and vice versa.