SpartanTHON’s back and bigger than ever

Tomorrow, Feb. 7, Case Western Reserve University’s own SpartanTHON will hold its annual Dance Marathon in the Veale Gymnasium. This year marks the fifth dance marathon since the club’s inception, and it’s looking to be even larger this year than ever before.

The marathon is held to benefit the children at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital and challenges its participants to stay on their feet for 12 hours while dancing, watching many different student groups perform and participating in various activities. Over the years dance marathons like this throughout the country have benefited countless children through various Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Dance Marathon has been steadily increasing in attendance and funds raised year after year. Since 2012 the total fundraising of the event has nearly doubled each year, with over 250 people registered as dancers this year, a huge increase from last year’s 150 dancers. In addition, many more students are anticipated to attend the event in support of their dancing friends.

With such a huge anticipated turnout, SpartanTHON has prepared a variety of themed hours, including “Around the World” and “Spartan Pride.” “For the Big Kids” hour was also added this year, in recognition of the large number of “big kids” who also benefit from the services provided at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital.

Participants, if they aren’t busy dancing in front of the stage, will be able to keep entertained with a variety of activities, including a relay race, life-sized Yahtzee, giant Twister and a human machine game. Alternatively, they will be able to keep entertained by the several student groups performing at the marathon. Spartan Cheerleading, Case Kismat Fusion Dance Team and several other groups will return from last year, and Dhamakapella and Speakeasy are among the many newcomers. Plenty of food will also be provided as well, with new food served every two hours.

Despite all these activities and the year’s worth of planning that went into them, SpartanTHON has not lost sight of what it stands for. Throughout the night, three miracle families (those who have benefitted directly from the fundraising of Dance Marathon) will be appearing at the event. In addition, there will be a fundraising table at the event itself, allowing participants to contact friends, family and anyone else they might know to help raise more money for the cause.

“I think people in this, are in this for the right reasons,” said SpartanTHON Entertainment Chair Abby Miklosovic. “We all love the cause and the kids, and we’re excited for this year’s marathon.”

Event: SpartanTHON Dance Marathon
Location: Veale Center
Date: Feb. 7, 12 p.m.
Price: Free to attend, $50+ for dancers