“Sparty” an accurate representation of Case’s social events

Last Friday at Freiberger Field, Undergraduate Student Government (USG) hosted its annual “Sparty” as a welcome to not only new students, but for everyone to come together and get to know the organization.

A surprise to no one, the event had a relatively small crowd consisting mainly of freshmen and Orientation Leaders. Very few upperclassmen were present, and those that did come didn’t stick around for long due to the freshmen’s clear domination. Even the trays of sandwiches from Jimmy John’s were not enough to keep them there. Unlike last year’s “Sparty,” where DJs were switched in and out, there was only one DJ, though I’m not sure you can call a guy and his laptop a DJ. The music primarily consisted of throwbacks to the early 2000s with a sprinkle of current music. While there is no problem with that era’s music, it would have been nice to have newer music and more variety in order to make for a more inclusive environment.

Despite the music, people had no problem enjoying themselves and doing what Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) students do best: being awkward. From the awkward dance circles the Orientation Leaders kept making to the awkward dance moves of some students, it was clear that everyone embodied that weirdness that most CWRU students have, and there is nothing wrong with that. One of the great things about going to CWRU is everyone can be awkward together and have a good time. No one cares if you are supposed to be dancing a certain way or what you are wearing at an event. I saw a guy wearing a hot dog costume and didn’t even question it. It was nice to just dance wildly and have fun before classes started.

Event: The Sparty

Group: USG

Where: Freiberger Field

When: Fri. Aug 26, 8 p.m.-11 p.m.

Rating: 3 ½ Stars