Speakeasy opening for TV legend

Jay Leno’s announcement that he would be retiring from hosting “The Tonight Show” was a huge shock to many people. However, he will be seen again by Cleveland soon, after recently releasing that he would be coming to Cleveland on Sunday, Apr. 26 to perform a show as part of his 2015 tour.

However, Leno will not be the only one onstage at Playhouse Square’s State Theater. Opening for Leno will be none other than Case Western Reserve University’s own a cappella group, Speakeasy.

Speakeasy president Yousef Raslan is excited about the opportunity.

“[At the] beginning of last year, we sent out emails to all major venues and restaurants, offering to perform. We got a few offers from restaurants which didn’t work,” he said. “Finally, Playhouse Square called and offered us a gig.

Master of humorous observations, Leno’s show is sure to be packed with witty entertainment. Even though he gave up his job as the host of “The Tonight Show,” his stand-up tour will incorporate many quirks from his time at the show.

“I think this is a pretty unique opportunity.” said CWRU sophomore Yoofi Mensah. “I love Leno’s humor, and we rarely get comedians coming here.”

Currently, speakeasy has 11 members. Their numbers used to be higher, but Raslan believes that a smaller group is better.

“We are trying to be more selective with who we let in. We are also writing our own music, so we can improve the quality of the group and become one of the defining a cappella groups in the area,” said Raslan.

This is sure to be a defining moment for Speakeasy. This gig will help the group spread its name throughout the a cappella world; even though they are not thinking much about it yet, Raslan was clear with the importance of the show. “This gig is too good to be true. It is the biggest gig we have ever had,” he said.

Show: Opener Speakeasy, headliner Jay Leno
Location: Playhouse Square’s State Theater
Date: April 26
Price: $35-$100

Additional event information and ticket purchasing can be found on Playhouse Square’s website.