Spotlight On: Makeup

Janet Lanman, Style Reporter

Makeup is my absolute favorite because it is so versatile!  This week, I’ve tried some of the boldest makeup trends for this season.

Burgundy Lips

For the perfect red lip, apply a small amount of concealer around your natural lip to prevent bleeding. Next, apply lip liner or use a lip brush to apply color to outline the desired shape.  Fill in with lipstick and press lips onto a tissue to remove excess.  The key to making this look work:  keep the rest of your makeup minimal.  


Exaggerated Cat-Eyes

Use an eye pencil to draw the outline, starting from the inside corner, extending up slightly above the eyelid crease and beyond to create the cat-eye effect.  Fill it in completely and use a cotton swab dipped in eye makeup remover to fix mistakes and clean up lines.  The key to pulling this off:  use a pencil instead of liquid liner; otherwise it will look too harsh.


Mesmerizing Multi-Toned Eyes 

Start with purple as the base color all over the lid.  Add brown around the edge of each eye, above the crease, extending outward.  Add green from the middle of the lid to the inner corner, right below the crease.  Add a dot of gold to the inner corner.  The key to this look:  blend only the brown shadow and line simply the outer corner of the eye.


Cobalt Cat-Eyes

Instead of using blue eyeliner, I used eye shadow with a damp makeup brush to create the cat-eye.  Putting a dot of blue below the pupil completes this daring look.  The key:  skip eyeliner and go easy on mascara.


Feathered Brows

It’s time to put down the tweezers!  A more prominent brow is back in style.  Only tweeze below the arch of your brows to create this feathered style.  The key:  use some brow filler and make lashes shine with a swipe of Vaseline (plus, petroleum jelly makes them super soft!).