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Taleb: Let’s not be modest about the truth

People will always judge appearance
September 9, 2016

Just recently, France was dealing with the burkini ban debate. Several cities were attempting to ban the burkini, which is basically a swimsuit that Muslim women wear that covers their whole body (excluding...

Student fashion designer finds success

“I like to design pieces that I know I would love to wear,” said Otasanya.
Undergraduate student Esther Otasanya combines business and style
April 7, 2016

“Do what you love” is a piece of advice young people hear often. We are each faced with the challenge of finding a passion to pursue—something that we enjoy and can make a career out of. But for...

Cleveland’s all-star designer

A Valerie Mayen look from Project Runway All Stars made from EMT supplies.
March 31, 2016

Most designers would be caught completely off guard by a task like making a garment entirely out of cotton swabs, bandages, safety towels and a thermometer wrapper. But for Valerie Mayen, it’s no problem. “I...

Beating the winter blues

Esther Otasanya shows off her strategies to beat cold-weather melancholy.
Style tips for February weather
February 12, 2016

We might have been fooled a few times this season, but the weather this week has confirmed that it’s still winter in Cleveland. When it seems like class work and exams are only adding to the gloom outside,...

“Think Beyond Possible” shirts need re-thinking

April 16, 2015

Many students fondly remember getting their acceptance letters from Case Western Reserve University around this time, and some of us even remember receiving a shirt in the mail a few weeks later. However,...

Style spotlight: Heather Hahn

March 26, 2015

Before going to Los Angeles and becoming a celebrity stylist and renowned fashion blogger, Heather Hahn was a member of the Cleveland community. Growing up in Westlake, Ohio, Hahn felt her creative...

From fashion week to Cleveland streets

From fashion week to Cleveland streets
March 19, 2015

Fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris have just wrapped up, leaving the fashion world buzzing about the latest trends amongst designers. While these are previews of what is to come in fall,...

JCU student featured for fashion in The Plain Dealer

February 27, 2015

Dwight Venson is a sophomore at John Carroll University (JCU) who was recently featured in The Plain Dealer for his unique sense of style—which he has, on multiple occasions, described as “in your...

The style of working out

February 27, 2015

This week, I visited Wyant Athletic Center for more than just a quick sweat session. I approached unsuspecting students to ask about their gym attire and its impact on a fulfilling workout. Regardless...

Powerful impressions

Several professors share their thoughts on the importance of appearance
February 13, 2015

While fashion may not be the most important aspect of making a good impression on professors, several Case Western Reserve faculty members noted that appearance can play at least a minor role in how they...

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