Spring break struggles

So it appears that, at long last, winter has come to an end. Time for us all to emerge from our burrows like rats that survived a nuclear attack and enjoy the flowering of plants and the singing of birds—those that didn’t get crushed under snow, frozen to death or otherwise annihilated by winter 2014. There is also that lovely yellow orb up in the sky we haven’t seen for several months.

As we gear up for spring, CWRU PD gears up for increased activity. My experience has been that criminal activity goes down in winter and rises in warmer months. Criminals don’t like frostbite any more than the rest of us do. So here a few tips to help get us all through the last few weeks of school safely.

The big concern during spring months is robbery. As we all start to move about a little more freely, let’s remember to use services like shuttle buses, Safe Ride or just walking in groups when moving around the area, especially during nighttime hours and if you are going off the beaten path. Ensure you have the CWRU PD dispatch number, 216-368-3333, in your phone should you need it, but don’t get so tied up in talking on that phone that you fail to notice what is going on around you, lest someone snatch the phone out of your hand, as has happened in a couple of cell phone snatch robberies this academic year.

Bicyclists have had to park their rides for a couple months now, but no longer. If you are a bike rider remember to always lock your bike when it’s not in use—bike thieves are waking up as well. Use a U-lock or other solid metal lock to secure your bike; cable locks and chains are pretty much useless against thieves equipped with shears, snips or bolt cutters.

This is also a time of year when alcohol-related incidents start to rise. Just because you feel like a bear coming out of hibernation doesn’t mean you can drink like one. A little moderation in your spring solstice celebrations can go a long way. So let’s all enjoy the return of spring—safely.

On the Beat is a weekly safety column written by Sergeant Jeffrey Daberko & Officer Mark (The Crossing Guard) Chavis of CWRU PD. Send feedback to this or other columns at policecolumn@case.edu.