Spring semester outlooks: The first-year perspective

Ritika Devarakonda and Shivangi Nanda

For Case Western Reserve University first-years, the fall semester was filled with new experiences as they navigated the uncharted territories of independent living and college life. With the spring semester just beginning, we decided to interview some freshmen, now in their second semester, on their feelings and outlooks on the coming months. As an icebreaker, we started with a fun question: 

What is your order at The Den by Denny’s?

“The Den is gone … [but] maybe the French toast, [and] the pink lemonade if they have it.” – Nathan Green

“I’m not picky so I usually just go with the crispy chicken salad.” – Noah Henriques

“Chicken tenders and mozzarella sticks.” – Nikhita Arun

“Mozzarella sticks with fries and … a combination of ketchup, ranch and honey mustard.” – Isha Shah

“Mozzarella sticks [and] potato rounds.” – Nyat Isack

“Bacon brioche melt with a side, one-sixth bubbly and five-sixths pink lemonade.” – Matthew Chang


What are you looking forward to this semester?

“Just hanging out with friends, … waiting for the snow to melt and … warm weather to come back.” – Danielle Sun

“Getting to explore Cleveland more.” – Era Srivastava

“I’m a nursing major, so I guess, like, learning more … skills in our clinicals. We’re learning more about physical assessments, and so I’m excited about those and to practice them.” – Gloria Lee

“Physics ‘cause it’s actually interesting. This time around it’s actually new, and really [in] all of my classes it’s something new … and pretty much everything except [ENGR] 145.” – Nathan Green

“I’m part of Case Kismat and [the CWRU] Figure Skating Club, and both of those have comps this semester, so that’ll be fun.” – Isha Shah


Are there any activities or clubs are you looking to join? 

“… it would probably be Black Student Union (BSU), and [I want to] hopefully get a job this semester.” – Nyat Isack

“I went to … Art History Club once last semester, and it seemed really fun, and then I got busy with school. And then also join, like, an orchestra.” – Era Srivastava

“Rock climbing. I know the wall just opened up.” – Allan Seo

“Last semester I was still trying to adjust … but I want to get more involved in, like, [Asian American Alliance (AAA)].” – Gloria Lee

Evidently, freshmen are already looking forward to Cleveland’s warmer months, as well as The Den by Denny’s reopening. In the coming weeks, we hope to interview more students on campus about their feelings on all things student life. So be sure to look out for your favorite Observer Staff members, Shivangi Nanda and Ritika Devarakonda.