Village Starbucks does not accept rewards after renovations


Daniel Brenner

The Village Starbucks underwent renovations this May.

Every morning, you walk into Starbucks to get a coffee and a croissant to start your day. After several purchases you  will get a free coffee or free food as a reward. However the reward is not given out at the Village Starbucks after its renovation in May.

The benefits that are available through Starbucks Rewards are based on the number of Stars that a customer earns. After registering as a Starbucks member, a customer can receive two Stars for every dollar he or she spends in a Starbucks store. Earning 300 Stars or more will qualify the member to the Gold Level. As gold level members, customers are able to redeem 125 Stars for one free food or beverage and have access to double-star day.

However, this reward system had never been applied in the Village Starbucks. According to the Manager Faith Gill, the Village Starbucks, unlike other corporate stores that are affiliated to Starbucks, is a franchise store belonging to Bon Appétit. So the Starbucks in the North Residential Village is not a part of Starbucks Rewards. Despite not accepting Star Cards, it still accepts gift cards and Case Cash. Some students express the concern that “the Village Starbucks somehow hinders students from saving the money when they could.”

The price in the Village Starbucks is the same as Starbucks prices elsewhere, and students can get brewed Starbucks coffee from the dining hall. As a separate store from the Starbucks chain stores, the village coffee shop will not accept and give rewards anymore.