Students gear up for summer

With temperatures increasing ever so slightly and just two weeks left of the academic year, summer is no longer as far away as it once felt. As the end of the semester approaches Case Western Reserve University, students are throwing together their summer plans.

Many students are especially excited to spend time with their families and to relax back in their hometowns.

“I’m excited to go home and see my friends and family,” said first-year student Zac Costantino, “and I’m looking forward to night drives. I’m also looking forward to going to Michigan to see my uncle, and then going to Florida to the beach and see my grandparents.”

After his first year of college, Costantino will be reunited with his family both at home and in other parts of the nation. He said he will also enjoy home-cooked meals after the first year of living in complete independence, eating mostly at dining halls and Chipotle.

Being able to drive is another aspect of non-college life that many first-year students said they miss. Taking a shuttle or walking to class has led students to miss the aspect of driving to their destinations.

Costantino is one of these students, and is especially excited to drive with his friends once again and enjoy his summer nights.

Meanwhile, first-year student Naomy Kim is hoping to spend her summer in the warmer temperatures outside of Cleveland.

“I’m looking forward to enjoying the nice weather of Los Angeles,” Kim said.

After months of the unpredictable snow, rain, hail storms and intense winds which plague Cleveland throughout the, well, entire year, Kim said that temperatures in the high 80s and warm rays of sunshine are among the things Californians like herself miss the most.

Once she is reunited with the welcoming dry heat of California, she plans to spend time with her friends and family without worrying as to what each day’s weather patterns have in store.

Once they return home, many students are eager to not only reunite with old friends, but also with new friends from CWRU.

After having met many friends from the same state and area, both Kim and first-year student Sameera Garimella are excited to reunite with their new Californian CWRU friends, where distance will not keep them apart over the summer.

“Although I’m taking classes this summer, I’m planning to meet up with old and new friends,” Garimella said. “It’s amazing how we’re able to meet and interact with people from the same hometown in college and to meet them in a non-academic environment.”

Beyond their hometowns, students are also excited to experience new places.

First-year student Alicia Lee said, “I want experience to be a big part of my summer, and I want to do that by traveling to places and doing things that are out of my comfort zone.”

Without the stresses of academics, students are hoping to branch out by taking and finding new opportunities, including travel plans and pursuing other interests.

Kim is also planning on using her summer break to build upon her interests and pursue opportunities that relate to what she studies in college.

“I’m going to Honduras and Haiti this summer to shadow doctors and get a better understanding of the medical field,” she said. “I think it’ll be a really great way to connect with others from different cultures and really understand the struggles many go through.”

Through this unique experience, Kim hopes to gain a better understanding of health and medical issues on a global level.

Overall, many students are excited for the next months ahead. From taking summer classes to visiting relatives, CWRU students are looking forward to enjoying their time off from school and making memories with friends and family.