Students to shack up for Habitat for Humanity

Cardboard structure building contest to take place tonight on Van Horn field

Brian Sherman, Staff Reporter

Students of Case Western Reserve University have long known the comfort of life in residence halls. However, this evening at 7 p.m., students will have the opportunity to look at this from a different perspective, thanks to the efforts of CWRU’s Habitat for Humanity. The group will be hosting its signature event “Let’s Shack Up” where students can build shelters all over Van Horn field out of just cardboard, duct tape, and whatever else they wish to bring.

Habitat for Humanity puts on this event annually, which many residential life and Greek life organizations attend. Some of last year’s notable entries were Cutler House’s third floor team, who constructed a shelter resembling the house from the movie “Up”, and the Alpha Chi Omega sorority, who built a cardboard castle complete with a drawbridge.

At the event, students are provided with a huge pile of cardboard and several rolls of duct tape, all of which go flying once the participants start grabbing materials for their shelters. The students are then given a few hours to build their structures, after which they are judged by members of Habitat for Humanity. Prizes will be awarded to the most creative houses.

Throughout the event, students will be provided with entertainment from many student organizations at CWRU, including the Case Juggling Club and IMPROVment. After the houses are judged, students are invited to stay as late as they desire, sleeping in their shelters.

This year is a bit different from last year, however, as Habitat for Humanity is partnering with the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, who is running a Flag Football event concurrently with Let’s Shack Up. Discounted rates are available for teams and individuals who wish to participate in both events.

“We hoped that by bringing together the two events, we could boost the attendance at each one,” said Habitat for Humanity PR Chair Michael Young.

Let’s Shack Up is put on to raise money for the Greater Cleveland branch of Habitat for Humanity, which works in communities to help build homes for those who have none. In addition to donating money, the event is put on to give students a representation of the type of work that Habitat for Humanity does in the community.

“We hope to provide the students with an opportunity to see what it is that Habitat for Humanity does for the communities it works in,” said Young.

Though it is the largest event run by Habitat for Humanity, Let’s Shack Up is not the only one. Habitat for Humanity at CWRU also runs Crush for Crush and an awareness week.