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Exploring workplace gender discrimination

Prottusha Sarkar, Contributing Reporter

November 11, 2016

Case Western Reserve University is a place where everyone is given a fair shot, for both men and women. Unfortunately, this may not be the case everywhere you go. Federal statistics from 2015 show that the median pay gap between men and women across the country is 20 cents. In other words, about half of w...

Gender Stereotypes Upheld by Greek Recruitment

Monica Hiller

April 22, 2016

Recruitment for fraternities and sororities at Case Western Reserve University have very different rules, practices and focuses. Sororities go through what is called “Formal Recruitment,” where women must sign up to participate in a four day “mutual selection” process. This entails a very de...

CWRU faces gender discrimination lawsuit

Mike McKenna, Director of Print

February 27, 2015

Case Western Reserve University finds itself in the midst of legal trouble yet again, this time facing allegations of gender, age and disability discrimination. But this time, the requested damages are public. And the desired payment isn’t cheap: $1 million. Christopher Manacci, a 52-year-old ma...

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