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Putting down roots

As Fiorelli sits by her garden each day, people approach her to compliment the colorful spot on an otherwise brick-and-concrete street.
Little Italy garden draws attention
October 28, 2016

Several years ago, Reta Fiorelli carried her morning cup of coffee out of the apartment building she owns on Cornell Road to sit at the lawn table, jammed in at the side of her overflowing garden. Her...

Cleveland chows down at The Feast

The annual festival celebrated Little Italy's Italian culture and Catholic rooots.
August 20, 2015

A man sat under the Mayfield Rapid Transit Authority bridge, greeting groups of pedestrians as they walked by, using the same line for everyone on their way to Little Italy: “Excuse me, I think you...

Water main breaks affect campus

January 16, 2015

Over break, students who checked their emails received news of two water main breaks that affected the Case Western Reserve University campus. The first occurred on Jan. 6 on campus near Wickenden Hall...

Mod Coffee

Rising Star
Rising Star Coffee Roaster opens in Little Italy
October 16, 2014
Little Italy's Rising Star Coffee is a great place to get your caffeine fix.

Little Italy’s food-filled street party brings huge crowds

Little Italy's
August 17, 2014

The Feast of the Assumption means three things: Delicious food Traffic confusion Crowds This year was no different, and as the smell of garlic wafted down Mayfield and the sounds of DJ'd music...

Hungry for so me real food? Ditch the dining hall and go get something worth eating

August 23, 2012

Little Italy   Right up Mayfield Road (an easy walk from North Residential Village) is Little Italy, a hub of pasta and pizza. Many of the restaurants offer favorites like ravioli and manicotti,...

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