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Increasing Police Presence During RNC Concerns Campus

This summer, many students who stay on campus are concerned with their safety living with the RNC peace officers.

Anmol Nigam, Photography Editor

July 11, 2016

This summer students may notice the sudden increase in armed personnel on campus. Groups of Republican National Convention (RNC) officers coming from all around the country have already made arrangements to be housed throughout the Case Western Reserve University campus. An upwards of 2,700 officers ar...

Cars, cars, cars

Sgt. Jeffrey Daberko and Officer Mark Chavis

January 23, 2015

Starting in early November, the University Circle area experienced a rash of vehicle break-ins and catalytic converter thefts. These types of crimes hit the University Circle and Little Italy areas periodically, because these areas have a large numbers of parked cars due to commuters and apartment dwellers....

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